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March 17, 2015
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The Impression of Title Tags:

Written by Emily Topham, Internet Marketing Intern on March 17, 2015

Why Title Tags are Important for SEO

Pretty student placing book in shelf in library

When you search a key phrase on Google, search engine spiders scan hundreds on web pages to find the one that best fits your criteria for the search. These spiders search through the web page, the meta description, and the title tag of each potential result. A title tag is what the spiders and the searchers see as the label of a page. If the web was a library, the title tags would be the titles of the books; it’s how you know what to expect from each page of results that Google offers you. Most searchers don’t understand the importance of title tags—they just find the title that best relates to their desire and click on it. For SEO, you need to understand that the right title tag can be the key to the publicity your website needs.

Web Page Labels

The title tags, as the label of a page, are the first thing searchers see. After typing in a keyword and pressing the “search” button, the title tag is what searchers give some of their attention to, along with the URL and the meta description. They read through each title and mentally eliminate the irrelevant ones. A good title tag will let the searchers know exactly what your page offers and if it will meet their needs.

Higher Click-Through Rate

Every website has a few important goals. You want your site to be accessible, popular and helpful. You want your website to have a high click-through rate, or CTR. With a title tag that accurately represents the content on your page, searchers are more likely to click on the link to your site and explore it, therefore increasing your CTR. Having keywords that connect your page to the searcher’s needs is the best way to draw in the attention that your site needs. That’s what title tags do, if they are well written.

Compel Searchers


Newbie SEO-ers often don’t recognize that each title tag leaves the searchers with a specific impression. A relatable and clear title tag displays the legitimacy of your website and your company. If you were a searcher and came across a jumbled, confusing title tag, you would skip right over it. Ambiguous title tags are not worth your time or thought. In contrast, a compelling title tag will pull in readers.

Title tags can make or break your CTR and ultimately your SEO. They are the labels that define your business and your relatability to the searchers and search engine spiders. Creating a fitting, explicit title tag is one of the most important aspects of web marketing.