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August 29, 2008
General Understandings about Search Engines
September 11, 2008

The Psychology of a Search Engine

Now let’s look at a few other important general understandings. Since we know that search engines are now placing more weight on the overall “value” of your website, we need to look at a few key ways they determine the value of your site.

Organizing your home page:

Your home page is the most important page of your website when it comes to achieving good rankings with a search engine. Its content and how it is assembled and organized can make or break how well your website is ranked. When you begin to consider what will be on your home page, consider your future visitors. Your goal is simple: to help anyone who visits your website to find detailed information as quickly as possible.

Links to your website:

The more, the better. This is hands down, one of the most important measuring tools utilized to value your website. The idea is that if there are hundreds of links to your site, in other words, many other websites that feel your information is worthy of a link from their website, your information must be better than average or than sites similar to yours that do not have a large number of links to them. Think of this as a third-party endorsement.

Good links and great links:

The placement of or types of links to your website is also important. A link to your website from a directory listing is good, but not as good as a link embedded in text on another site that is about the subject of your website. For example, say there was an article about how to build a wooden table. And in that article, the author makes reference to and recommends a particular type of saw that you happen to sell on your website. If there was an embedded text link to your website in the middle of that paragraph allowing anyone who reads the article who may be interested, to find that saw and possibly purchase it, that would be an embedded link. Embedded links are great links and weighted considerably more than other links. Believe it or not, search engines can actually tell if the embedded link is related to its surrounding text.

Keywords & Key phrases:

You might think you know the words and phrases everyone uses to search for the subject of your website, but not so fast. The industry lingo and words you and your peers use every day in describing your services and products may not be the keywords or key phrases “most” searchers are using when performing a search.

When composing and optimizing your website’s text content, take the time to verify that the keywords and key phrases you think are the most popular/searched, are in fact, the top keywords and key phrases. Google offers a very useful tool that can provide some good information on this.

Enter any word or phrase that you think is good at and Google will let you know how often it appears in sites that are listed with Google. This can be used to determine how popular a keyword or phrase is, and also to determine how stiff the competition is for that keyword or phrase.

We use other software tools to clearly identify keywords and key phrases when performing search engine optimization.

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The Psychology of a Search Engine