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Top Online Marketing Trends of 2015

Posted by Mike Carr, Marketing Manager on January 6, 2015


After scouring the many articles about the coming marketing trends we have taken the best of the best for you. Take a moment to reevaluate your current marketing and see if there is any way to apply these 2015 marketing trends. You may surprise yourself with some—dare I say this cliche—out of the box thinking. Insanity is repeatedly doing the same thing over and over but expecting the different results, right? So let’s take a minute out of our busy schedules to look at some ways to do things differently this year. I present to you: Netmark’s Predictions For Online Marketing Trends of 2015!

Original Content

Adding a little human touch to our content has a powerful effect on our audience. They can see through the contrived, artificial content that doesn’t mean anything to them personally. So for 2015, it’s all about the real personality of a company coming through in the content via memes and videos. Let that personality shine!

Mobile Marketing

Mobile devices have been on a steady upward climb for the last couple of years. This has led to more and more paid search marketing to happen on these devices. It’s predicted that almost half of all paid search marketing will come from mobile in 2015. It may be time to take a closer look at mobile search marketing.

Ad Retargeting Will Be More Widely Used

More and more people aren’t buying the first time they go and see the product or service online. They like to come back to it a few times before making up their mind. Because of this, there is a larger opportunity in remarketing efforts. You’re courting their business, and it’s going to take a couple of times asking before you get the “yes”. The consumer likes to play hard-to-get.

Real-Time Marketing Growth

When a story hits, journalists pick it up immediately and so should you, if something is going on in the world that is applicable to your brand you need to get involved. Things such as tweeting the story, creating a social media campaign around it or getting involved in the story itself like humanitarian work. This is a leverage bar for your social accounts. Just keep in mind, without offering real value you won’t succeed in real-time marketing.

Native Advertising Shift

With so many ads bombarding a consumer each day, consumers are becoming blind to advertising. But if something offers value in its content and helps sell a product or service, the consumer doesn’t mind seeing it. In fact, consumers will notice this type of advertising because it’s a subject they care about. Because of that native marketing will see a strong increase in 2015.

SEO, Content and Social Media Colliding

Many companies in the coming year will finally break into the thought process that marketing arms are part of the same body; that their SEO work and their social media activity is a symbiotic creature that feeds off each other and can produce synergy when they work together instead of independently.

More Companies Will Be Spending More Money on Online Marketing

As a percentage of annual marketing budgets, the online section will be a bigger piece of the pie. More value is being found there, and it’s going to keep growing. Part of this trend is backed by understanding the effectiveness of online marketing versus the blind return people see from other marketing efforts.

Look at your marketing plan for the year. Think about these trends, but more importantly, think about your consumers. What do they want? What do they need? How are you going to best convey your value and benefit to them? Finally, ask yourself if there is something in these trends that you aren’t planning on implementing already that would really resonate with your target segment of consumers. Don’t fear change, and don’t just follow the pack. Make the strategic choices that will benefit your business model the most.

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