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February 25, 2013
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March 6, 2013

Understanding Effective Social Media Marketing

By Jeff Shirts

The Social Media Marketing Umbrella

Social Media Marketing, more commonly known by the acronym SMM, is a trending buzz term of internet marketing.  With this buzz term there is a lot of misunderstanding that comes with it, such as Pay Per Click, known as PPC, advertising on social media sites.

In a general overview, Social Media Marketing is having a business or company interact directly with the receiver of either goods or services. This allows for direct communication with the business and breaks down traditional barriers that existed before the advent of social media.  This is especially true when considering that often times the business can and will interact with the consumer.

With this breakdown of traditional marketing methods, many businesses want to use the interaction available in social media to further promote their goods and services.  The most common method businesses choose to interact is through either direct responses to posts or tweets, however there are other, more creative and effective ways, to engage.


Social Media PPC

Nearly all social media platforms, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, have a PPC option.  Social Media PPC is promoting a business through the traditional search engine method of paid advertising ads.  The major problem is that those same platforms rarely track conversions of their ads. In other words, it is difficult to know how effective any ad will be.

Keep in mind that PPC advertising on Social Media does carry an additional benefit, even without the ability to track conversion: Social Media PPC is the most precise marketing possible, targeting specific demographics off of any number of criteria.  Whereas Google and Bing rely on searched keywords to display advertising, Facebook is able to target any number of specific and personal information.  For example, a company can easily target young women, ages 18 to 25 in Idaho who have “liked” a page of a specific celebrity, product, movie, television program, book, author, etc.  The losses in losing tracking ability is more than made up for it in the fact that businesses are able to stop wasting money in a replacing the shotgun with a scalpel.


Social Media Branding

The great power of Social Media Marketing, though, more than any other, is that of branding purposes.  Apple was at one time the most profitable company in the world.  With a company the size of Apple it is easy to understand that there are brand loyalist and those that dislike the brand, but social media is really the platform that brings the brand information straight to the purveyor.

Looking at Facebook, once someone has “liked” a product they will be able to see posts directly from the company.  Giving our tantalizing information of a future product or expanding services that are in high demand increase the company’s image and in doing so increases and expands customer loyalty.  This “tribe-building” is critical for any business to succeed.  The product or service must gain a following, a life of its own.  Great examples of tribe-building products include Mtn Dew, Nike, Apple, and video game consoles such as Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s Playstation.

Social Media Remarketing

Another great advantage of Social Media Marketing is that is can be used effectively for remarketing purposes and increasing lifetime value from consumers.  Once someone has started following your product or your company it is easy to tailor specific messages that leverage discounts or loyalty bonuses.  Remarketing combined with brand building and demographic relevant ads are powerful tools indeed.

It should be apparent that of all the different forms of internet advertising, Social Media Marketing is perhaps the most complex.  Whereas PPC is simply an effort of writing ads, tailoring banners, etc., and Search Engine Optimization works directly on improving the presence of your website through on-page relevance to keywords and off-page importance through links, Social Media Marketing takes a more direct approach and needs more time and attention to be successful.


Netmark is an experienced company in Social Media Marketing.  With a strong basis in pay per click advertising and search engine optimization, Netmark has the skills necessary to help any business grow an effective Social Media Marketing campaign.

Understanding Effective Social Media Marketing