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Unplug From the Digital World

Group of Chinese friends hanging out together, one man ignoring group and using his phone

Why We Need Daily Breaks From Technology

By Barry Ricks

Do you ever unplug from the digital world? Most times we don’t even realize what we are doing. Do you recognize that you are either on your phone, pad, or computer almost every hour of the day, except when you are sleeping?  Have you gone to the park or been outside and noticed that everyone is on the phone checking their updates or playing their games to get to the next level? Do you ever wonder to yourself, “Man, is it really that important to be connected all the time?”

I’m a social media strategist for an online marketing company. So I’m on social sites and the computer all the time and when I’m not working I try to find time to do some gaming. So where do I have the room to talk. It’s true, I’m on some sort of digital device throughout the whole day, but when I get home or when it’s the weekend you will notice, if you follow me, that my digital interactions go way down in the evenings and weekends. This is because I have found the benefit of unplugging from time to time; spending some quality time with my family or just have some peace and quiet with myself.

Unplug when you are home.

When going home to your family in the evening time, be with your family. Take your phone and either set in another room or across the room. If you can’t ignore it when your notification sounds go off then put your phone on silent as well. It might seem weird at first, but I can tell you that you will have a more memorial time with your family, especially your kids. When your kids go to bed, this would be a good time to check your phone to see if you missed anything important. After you do this, put it back in its spot and now spend time with just your spouse.  Now this could be anything that you guys enjoying doing together, so if that’s gaming together, awesome! At least you are doing it together. If gaming is not your thing, then do something else. My wife and I really enjoy reading together, watching our favorite’s shows, or playing board games. Find something that doesn’t take you away from each other.

If you find yourself not able to do this, or if your mind is only on getting online to either surf or play,  then this is the time to reevaluate how much time you actually spend in the digital world and see if it has become more than just a hobby. You may have an addiction to your game or always wanting to be connected.

Are you addicted?

We have all heard the horror stories of people addicted to games, but that same destruction can come from being addicted to social media or other aspects of the digital world.  So the question is, where do your priorities lye and how can you get help. Well surprisingly help is not far away. If you are at this point in your life, I can guarantee others have noticed. Friends and family will be there to help you if you are willing to change. If that’s not enough you can go to classes or a therapist, yes believe it or not, they have groups that center on digital addictions and therapists now days are specialized in treating this kind of addiction. So don’t be afraid to get help if you need it.

So remember that unplugging from time to time and spending quality time with people, will help down the road, it will strengthen your personal relationships and help you stray away from the path of addiction. So unplug and enjoy some peace and quiet from the digital world.


About the Author: Barry Ricks works for @netmark, doing social things for them. Barry loves being involved in the social media universe and tries to be involved as much as possible, striving to learn more and more. Barry is a Geek at heart and enjoys being a part of that universe as well. If you’re interested in what Barry has to say on many other things or you want to say hi, go follow him on Twitter @Bricks2312 and also on Google+