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February 11, 2013
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Using Pay Per Click in Local SEO for Small Businesses

By Barbara Higley

If you are a local business you can run a successful Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign even with a modest budget.  The best part is that local PPC can help you with your organic local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) at the same time.

Selecting the Best Keywords for your Local SEO and PPC Campaigns

As a local advertiser, your local SEO Campaign in your market is typically built on your ability to have the right keyword research.  According to the most recent “Stats and Facts” from Google, “20% of searches are related to location.” The Google Adwords keyword tool is easy to use and can provide valuable information.  When using the Google Keyword Tool there sometimes seems to be concerns as to the volume of searches of a long tail keyword with a local town or state attached.  The keywords that are the most beneficial to this strategy are the ones with a high number of searches and a low level of competition.  Make sure you choose specific keywords that target your niche.  Use the Google Keyword Tool to research your top competitors’ websites and they will also suggest additional targeted local keywords.

Using PPC to Advance SEO Campaigns

A simple way to overcome the Keyword Tool concerns for local searches is a PPC campaign.  You can test the actual search volume of your chosen keywords and track conversion rates.  An added bonus is if the PPC campaign is profitable you also gain the knowledge of what keywords will be worthwhile to invest for your local SEO campaign.  There is no reason in optimizing your on page content and all your link building towards keywords in your market that are not being searched.

PPC advertising is one of the fastest ways to bring potential customers and clients to your website.  A PPC campaign, if properly managed, can produce a great return on your investment (ROI).  PPC advertising is a great way for smaller local businesses to compete with the bigger national companies.

Selecting the Best Internet Marketing Firm

Knowing that your keywords are the most important part of local SEO and PPC campaigns, you should work with a company that has the experience of finding the best keywords for your campaign.  Our certified Adwords technicians will provide the best possible advice to further your internet marketing campaign into a money making adventure!


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