SEM – Emphasis on the “M”
October 7, 2008
Managing your own Pay-Per-Click Campaign (Part 1)
October 20, 2008

What do you know about Pay-Per-Click Management?

Google, Yahoo, & Bing recently mentioned something very interesting that caught my attention. Around 70% of the pay-per-click ads that are currently being used are written by people who are new to PPC. That means that around 70% of the ads are written by mostly inexperienced people. Whether that’s actually true or not, we know a fair amount of people don’t know much about pay-per-click ads. That being said, how much do you know about PPC? How much experience do you have with optimizing your ads so that you can keep your cost per click, AND cost per conversions at the most efficient rate? When any company makes a claim to be able to help you with your Pay-Per-Click Management, what do they really do?

• Do they just help you with your bidding?
• Do they write the ads and make the necessary changes to keep them from a downward slope of traffic trends?
• Do they actually spend the time doing the keyword research so that you are not wasting your money on ads that won’t get targeted traffic?
• Are they manually making the changes (like they should be doing), or just using a quick click-of-a-button software to make all the management calls and changes?
• How much time are they spending, and how often are they actually managing your specific account?
• Do they create a whole new campaign or do they just take over the one you may currently have?
• If you cancel the Pay-Per-Click service with them, does the account go with you, or do lose ownership and they retain ownership of the account?
• Is the company tracking the success of the ads with analytics on your website so that you know the “real” conversion rate from PPC?
• Does the company build and optimize landing pages to help the traffic convert more often?
• Does the PPC firm offer any options? What else do they provide for PPC?
• What are the actual costs involved with hiring a Pay-Per-Click Manager?
• Does the PPC firm have any results from past clients that they can share?
• What is the baseline strategy for using your PPC? Is it in conjunction with any other marketing methods (for example: Search Engine Optimization, radio ads, phone book ads, billboard ads, etc…)? How long is the plan it run your campaign? How much should you expect to spend to give PPC a good run and see some results with in your market?

All of the above questions are very important to understand when you hire or look at your current PPC management firm.

I would love to tell you that Netmark Essentials is the one and only true Pay-Per-Click Service you should use, but the truth is that there are probably a few other companies who actually do PPC the right way as well. Be very cautious of those companies who make big promises. The big advantage to having a firm like Netmark Essentials run your PPC Campaign is that we DO have the needed experience, AND most importantly we don’t cost an arm and a leg to use. There are no minimums to your ad spend, and we can help everyone. We are not the joe-schmoe, run of the mill PPC service provider. Our goal (yes going back to the basics again) is to make sure that you can justify using a service like ours to maximize your ROI. Remember that “Our Business Is Your Business”. Check out a little more about us and our Pay-Per-Click program. Netmark PPC Management Then you can make the call on where you would feel most comfortable spending your money. Either take the time to tackle and manage it yourself, or let the professionals handle it.