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Netmark boasts one of the top pay-per-click (PPC) programs in the country. Each campaign we manage is unique, but most fall into one of three broad categories: Click-Driven Campaigns, CPA-Driven Campaigns, and ROI-Driven Campaigns. A click-driven campaign is best for businesses that can’t track conversions, or if they can, they’re too sparse and irregular to rely on for any campaign decision making. A click-driven strategy focuses on maximizing the number of clicks received for every dollar spent on advertising. The goal is to increase the number of clicks to a website without increasing adspend. As website traffic increases, businesses then have more opportunities to convert visitors.

CPA-driven campaigns use predetermined cost-per-acquisition benchmarks for all campaign decision making. These types of campaigns are best for businesses that track conversions and have less than ten products. By keeping the focus on acquisition costs, these campaigns are designed to make campaign decisions that help meet or exceed the predetermined benchmarks.

ROI-driven campaigns are quite a bit more complex. These types of campaigns are best for businesses that not only track conversions, but also have a enough to create accurate forecasting models. Netmark’s ROI-driven campaigns are based on computer simulations that test hypothetical changes to different campaign variables like keyword cost-per-click. We use these simulations to forecast a change’s effect on a business’ bottom line. The goal of an ROI-driven campaign is always to increase business profits.

As a campaign grows and develops it’s in a constant state of change. Most campaigns at Netmark are managed through a custom-created PPC console. Our software helps to automate changes to certain quantitative variables in each PPC campaign. This means the software assists our staff in making logical decisions. Using software helps guarantee accuracy, but more importantly, it decreases the time required to find and make these changes. Netmark’s proprietary software can turn a 5-hour job into a 5-minute job, saving our clients hundreds, sometimes even thousands of dollars each month on campaign management. On the flip side, our staff has complete control over every quantitative variable in each PPC campaign. In other words, our staff makes all of the common sense decisions. We call this unique management style, using both software and humans to manage in their respective strengths, “selective automation.” We have found it to be the best and most efficient way to manage PPC campaigns.

Scientific PPC

Pay-per-click advertising costs can get out of control quickly if you don’t have the right information. At, we use the very best tools to maximize ROI and profits through our pay-per-click management efforts.

Strategic PPC

We believe that every business needs a customized marketing solution. This is especially true when it comes to pay-per-click advertising. The same approach usually doesn’t work for every business. Every pay-per-click campaign at is customized to meet specific business objectives. We work with you to establish a reasonable advertising budget and then lay out a customized strategy along with related tactics to fit your unique business needs. We look for the lowest hanging fruit first in order to get our clients the very most out of every dollar they spend.

Transparent PPC

Secrets don’t make friends, and they surely don’t make for great business partnerships. We see our relationship as a long-term partnership. Long-lasting relationships are founded on honesty and transparency. At, we are transparent in our work and we expect the same from our clients. A clear and mutual understanding leads to clear and mutual campaign objectives and expectations.

Proactive PPC

As an SEO agency, we are the internet marketing “agents” for our clients. This means we have the power to act rather than react. We are proactive in our efforts to preempt internet marketing shifts such as search engine algorithm updates. We accept responsibility for our actions, the good and the bad. “Agency” doesn’t just describe what we are, it’s also a synonym of “proactive.” At, our approach to search engine optimization is proactive.


What Makes Up Your Adwords Quality Score?

  • Click-through-rates of ads, display URLs & keywords
  • Keyword relevance to ads, search queries, & landing pages
  • The transparency, navigability, & originality of landing pages
  • Historical performance in specific geographical areas
  • Other factors Google has not released to the general public

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