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Content Marketing is a useful form of successfully marketing a brand or company online, and is much like SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If the process of Content Marketing is successfully done, a websites ranking on Google PageRank will be optimized. Content Marketing consists of content siloing that strategically gives your content the correct relevance and importance that involves structuring the websites pages and content assets (the silos) to ensure that the links to every "silo" supports the next silo to optimize Google PageRanking. At Netmark, our philosophy is simple, content alone will never be optimized without correct context and strategic planning.

Five Steps in Planning Content Marketing Strategy

To break it down the sole purpose of marketing is to gain business and increase sales. To do so, you need to have a good content strategy that will successfully get you those sales and improve your ROI (Return on Investment).

Step 1
Inform Your Consumers

Step 2
Prompt or Advise

Step 3
Provide a Solution

Step 4
Compare Solutions

Step 5
Sell! Sell! Sell!

Step 1: Inform Your Consumers

A key factor in marketing is continuously informing your potential consumers on any stories, research, and technology relating to your business industry. Online business has forced businesses to adapt to the surge of creating media branches of their business. Businesses know they need to make content, but how do they start the initial conversation with their clients. The key to informational content is relatable content that they enjoy consuming and calls for interaction. It’s that simple!

Step 2: Prompt or Advise

Prompt your target audience by basically giving them a scenario with a problem. Your advice should always lead to action... whether or not that's leading them to read more or click more.

Step 3: Provide a Solution

Know the trends; anticipate the changes; Never copy cat! Your solution needs to be one-of-kind and unique to the market. We help our clients present their Unique Value Proposition with unmatched professionalism and results. Give your target audience a good solution to the problem given in the scenario.

Step 4: Compare Solutions

Compare Solutions - Compare, contrast, and review the solution to the problem given, as well as other alternative solutions. This is an ideal time to highlight your UVP and show the limitations of your market going with some other service or attempting it on their own.

Step 5: Sell! Sell! Sell!

Make sure your content is geared towards selling your product or service to your potential customers. To increase sales, it is recommended that you conduct multiple split-tests on your content assets continuously to ensure that you can increase your ROI, and rating on Google PageRank or other search engines.

Having freshly added quality content to your webpage continuously every so often can grow awareness, increase online traffic, improve engagement, and overall improve your site. However, don't completely rely on the internet to generate sales. Also, don't completely rely on only your website. A good content marketing strategy is well rounded, and has several marketing forms to increase awareness and sales. Spread your brand by publishing your content in industry journals, attend events related to your industry, publish content in local newspapers, and general marketing. Also, publish information about your site online on separate blogs, review sites, and news sites that relate to your industry. This will also help generate traffic, and grow your brand name in a positive way. Use various forms of marketing such as an email list, and social media for example to promote your company. By successfully doing all of this, much like SEO, you will surely achieve the right content funneling, ROI, and PageRank that you want with Content Marketing.

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