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May 14, 2009
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June 3, 2009

Pay Per Click Landing Pages

Have you ever tried to figure out just why your pay per click campaign (PPC) might not be working as well as you think it should? First of all, you need to ask yourself: “What are my expectations from doing PPC marketing?” If you are expecting the impossible and really haven’t worked or planned for it – it might be time to re-evaluate your goals.

Many of our clients have had the problem of spending money every month with very little activity occurring on their site. They are looking for help and some remedy to get this problem turned around. You see, setting up a pay per click campaign quickly (by the seat-of-your-pants) and putting money into the account will not necessarily get those sales or prompt people to call you. You need to step back to analyze your designated landing pages to make sure your “paid for clicks” are not wasted by being dumped on a page that does not have good conversion attributes or information relevant to what that visitor is looking for.

Your landing pages should be in direct correlation to what your ad variation says. Picking a general page on your website with lots of information about everything you do, and you direct everyone to it, is not the right approach. If your ad is saying “value”, “sale”, “discount”, etc… your end users should be landing on a page that offers the “value”, “sale”, and “discount”, because that is what the visitor is looking for. Having all of your visitors land on the home page of your site is also not the most effective place for them to land. You need to have a targeted landing page to send your PPC traffic. Not only do you want specific attributes from your ad on the landing page, but it is very important to have some sort of call to actions on your landing page (i.e. large buttons, ‘click here’s, phone numbers, attention drawing motions, etc..). We can talk about “call-to-actions” more in the future…

If you want this person to call you, you can’t assume they’ll know to call you. You need to make the phone number stand out as much as possible in various areas of your landing pages. If you like them to submit their information through an email or a simple contact form, make sure to have a noticeable lead capture form for that visitor to fill out. If they are looking for a specific type of product, you don’t want to send them to the home page, send them to the specific product(s) page. If you sell products online, it’s even ok to send them straight to a page out of your shopping cart. The best way to figure out what to do is to put you in the shoes of a visitor. What are you looking for when you are searching? Take notes and make sure that you are thorough with everything you’d like to see. You are always more than welcome to call us too. We will actually give you some free basic advice. Just ask!

Finally, double check to make sure the link in your ad is directed to the right page. It frequently happens to people that click on a PPC ad and it is not working, but leads you through a dead link that goes to no where. PPC can be very expensive if you let it. It’s very easy to spend a lot of money and not see much results with it. Be smart, good luck, and let us know if we can help you a long the way.