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April 23, 2009
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May 12, 2009

PPC Management – Why should I pay someone else to do what I can do myself?

Managing a Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign is like playing soccer. Anyone can do it with a bit of effort but there’s a reason why David Beckham is world famous, earns millions of dollars, and I don’t. It’s because he has a great deal more skill in the game than I do. The same analogy can be used for PPC Management – anyone can do it but not everyone has the ability to do it well. In fact, it is very easy to lose a lot of money very quickly if a PPC campaign is not set up or managed correctly.

A successful campaign can be very lucrative but it can be very time consuming and needs to be closely monitored. Cost per Click (CPC) bidding wars can get very heated, and can change numerous times in a single day. An entire campaign can rise or fall on “buying” keywords at the right price.

If you are too busy to monitor your campaign yourself, you really have 2 options – employ the services of a PPC management company – or spend your money elsewhere!

A good PPC management company will make sure that your campaigns are targeted, affordable, and controlled. By careful and constant monitoring they can ensure you are building brand presence and generating leads at a competitive ROI.

Some of the tactics employed by the better PPC managers include working with you, analyzing your site and your competitors sites to find effective keywords. They can expand the keyword list by adding misspellings (how often do you mistype something when trying to rush on a search? Or better yet – how many of you spell it “morgage”?), and using geographic modifiers, or buying modifiers such as “Free”, “Cheap”, “Special” etc…

Making a PPC campaign go live is just the start. The real key to a profitable campaign comes once it is up and running. A PPC campaign needs to be constantly massaged, reviewed and refined, as do the keyword bid costs. This needs to be done on at least a day by day basis. Without this constant tweaking it is easy to spend $50.00 to make one $20.00 sale.

Your PPC campaign can be very successful and very profitable if it is handled correctly.

By 2010, it is predicted that online marketers will spend well over $7 billion dollars on PPC advertising (Jupiter Research). So PPC programs are only going to get more competitive and more expensive. Therefore, it is going to get more and more important that if you want to play the PPC game you have to have an effective pay per click management strategy in place.

There are multiple effective ways to run your PPC campaign. Stay tuned and soon we’ll discuss the 4 simple types of strategies you can use.

If you need any assistance with your pay per click management, we can certainly help you out. With over 10 years of experience in search engine marketing, we have the know-how and knowledge to keep your campaign running as smooth and effective as possible. Give us a call to see what we can do for you.