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Specialization is the key to great work.  Roofing is no exception.  Anyone can put up a roof, but not everyone can do it well or do it correctly.  A handyman might be able to do a great job with a roof, but it might take them 3 times as long as a specialist because they lack the experience, the tools, and the tricks of the trade.  A roofing specialist is able to build a great roof at a great price, and in an acceptable time frame.  They're know exactly the type of roof to build, the materials to use, the tools to use, and the pitfalls to avoid.

Online Marketing is the same way.  There are many general practitioners who know a little bit about a lot of industries, but there are very few specialists that know an industry inside and out.  Netmark is a specialist in lead generation for roofing companies and has had a great deal of experience in this field.  By being a specialist, we don't have to make "best guesses" as to what will work - We already know because we've been there so many times before.

Netmark's specialized marketing services for roofing can bring your company to the next level by getting you the leads you need in order to stay busy.



Paid Search Advertising (also referred to as Search Engine Marketing or Pay-Per-Click Marketing) is an incredible way to start getting leads, phone calls and sales immediately.  Every day there are people in your area searching in Google for roofing services, and the first thing that they generally see at the top of the page are pay-per-click ads.  It doesn't cost anything for your ads to be displayed, but you are charged a fee by Google when someone clicks on your ad.  You get to decide what keywords to advertise for, what areas to advertise within, what times you want to advertise and what you want to say in your ads.  There are parts of Paid Search that are very easy, and then some parts that are incredibly complex, especially when the competition is fierce (which is normal in roofing).  Implementing the right strategy is imperative for a profitable PPC management campaign. Pay Per Click marketing is extremely competitive and the window of success is narrow. Without excellent management of your campaigns (A/B Testing, Correct Targeting, Keyword Grouping, Filtering, Bid Management, Etc…) the likelihood of making a campaign profitable is slim. It takes expertise and sophistication to run a great campaign. If done right, however, the profits can be amazing for paid search marketing!




Since Netmark specializes in Roofing, we already have profitable and effective campaigns built.  When you become a client, you get to use campaigns that are already proven to be profitable and effective.  All you need to do is answer the phone and sell.  We do the rest.



Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your site to come up at the top of searches for your keywords in Google, and is the most cost effective digital marketing method for Roofing Companies.  Searchers are generally more likely to click on the natural (free) listings than on Ads, and as a result there is a lot more traffic available in the natural listings.  Not only is there more traffic, but searchers believe that the companies listed higher are more trustworthy and you don't have to pay for each click you get.  Between the traffic, the ultra low-cost, and the trust boost, SEO is the king of digital marketing methods.




SEO is very competitive in the roofing industry because people don't search for keywords like "Roofing" and "Roof Repair" in Google for fun.  Those terms lead to big sales, and there are many companies fighting for those sales.  In order to be on top you have to convince Google that you are more relevant and important than those other companies.  Netmark already knows what keywords drive sales, how to optimize for those keywords, and has written pre-optimized content that can be reworded and customized for your site in order to get it to rank well.  The campaigns are already created, which means we do not need to re-invent the wheel.  When you become a client, we plug you into a proven formula that works.



Social Media Marketing can greatly enhance your leads and sales by promoting your services in places that they spend time, such as Facebook and Instagram.  While search engine optimization captures business from people who are actively searching for your services, Social Media Marketing promotes your services to people who aren't currently searching.  This promotion gets you brand recognition and trust for those who don't currently need your services, and generates leads from people who are in need.




Yes and no.  Just like a homeowner that decides to do their own roof, they will eventually get the job done, but it's very likely that it won't be done well or work correctly and that it will have taken them much longer than an expert with the correct tools, know-how and experience.  The do-it-yourselfer will likely waste a lot of time and money, only to have to hire an expert to fix their work later on.  We have thousands of hours of experience in social media and have optimized roofing campaigns over more than a decade of experience.  We have created our own methods, tools and processes to make the work more efficient and effective.

What Makes Netmark The Best PPC Management Company?

  • Tracking and Analytics - Know exactly what's going on with your traffic
  • Lead Attribution - Know what keywords and methods are driving leads
  • Call Tracking - See what campaigns are getting calls
  • Customized Dashboards and Reporting - Exceptional Reports
  • Pre-Made Ads, Banners, Content, and Graphics

What Makes Netmark The Best PPC Management Company?

  • Best Information
    Netmark believes that he who has the best information, wins. We collect and analyze more information than any other PPC agency.
  • No Guesswork
    Netmark has a team of statisticians that have re-engineered various PPC algorithms. We don’t have to guess like other PPC agencies do.
  • Ground Breaking Software
    Netmark has proprietary PPC management tools that easily outshine the most highly regarded software tools on the market.
  • Cost Savings
    Netmark generally saves our clients more than what they pay us by eliminating wasteful and unproductive ad-spend.
  • Great Reporting
    Netmark provides reports and communication on the metrics that truly matter.
  • No Contract
    Netmark’s agreements are Month-To-Month. We have to earn your business each month!

Netmark Brings Results

The ultimate goal of any Digital Marketing campaign is increasing profits. This can be done by either raising the number of sales, raising the average dollar amount of each sale, or decreasing the costs to acquire each sale. Improving all 3 of those elements can turn what was a small loss in a campaign into massive profits. Netmark has a strong history of being able to improve in each of these areas over time and has been able to significantly improve the ROI of our clients.

Some of the 
Advertising Platforms We Use

Netmark uses a variety of platforms for digital marketing

Netmark is an industry leader in Search Engine Marketing management.

  • Google Ads Certified Individuals
  • Google Ads Certified Partner – VIP Status
  • Strong Partnerships with Bing, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Top 1000 in Inc 5000 in 2013 and 2014
  • Rated Top 5 in the Nation for various types of Internet Marketing
  • Hundreds of Satisfied Clients
  • Many Services Under One Roof

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