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March 18, 2013
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April 1, 2013

Saving Time with Google Analytics

By John Broadbent


Thanks for tuning in to another episode of Make Your Mark Monday. Today, I’d like to talk about saving time with Google Analytics. There are a few things that we’ve found that have really been able to save our strategists time, in terms of being able to really evaluate the next steps for our clients’ websites.

One of the things we use quite a bit are dashboards, we create custom dashboards that allow us to at a glance see quite a few different things, and then we’re able to share those dashboards. Dashboards can include metrics, pie graphs, timelines, tables, geo-maps and even bar graphs, so that you can see the detailed parts of your account, or at least an overview of what you want to see just at one glance.

The other thing that we use is we use shortcuts. There are shortcuts available for just about any report with Analytics. Usually, we found that shortcuts work best when it takes a couple of steps to really dig deep enough into a report, and then you can shortcut that directly to the main menu, so you don’t have to navigate through. It can help cut down quite a bit of time, in terms of just navigating through Analytics.

And then the other one is intelligence events. You can set intelligence events to be triggered daily, weekly, or monthly. I usually like to set them for weekly, so if my conversion rate falls below a certain amount on a weekly range, then usually that will trigger something for me to say, “Okay, you need to take a closer look this and figure out what’s going on.” So these are really the main things.

On Wednesday we’ll jump in a little bit more. We’ll show you how to create a few custom dashboards. We’ll show you where to go to create some shortcuts, and kind of how we organize those, and the same thing with intelligence events and a couple of things that you can do with intelligence events, to make sure that you’re on top of the data that’s happening on your website.

Thanks again for tuning in.