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August 9, 2013
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August 15, 2013

Short on Time?

PPC Management in Just a Few Minutes a Day

By Rachel Anderson

If you manage pay-per-click accounts you know that some days you just aren’t going to have all the time you’d like to spend with each account. Maybe you’ve got a big report due, just got back from vacation or meetings booked literally all day. Whatever the reason your time is cut short, here are things to pay attention to and do to keep your accounts going strong. The best part is this can all be done in 10 minutes or less!

1. Identify the Best & Worst Performing Campaigns and Ad Groups

  • These are where you will spend your time.

2. Stop Any Bleeding

  • Are there any campaigns or ad groups that are leaking money? Have they spent hundred or thousands of dollars and brought no return? Pause them!

  • Since most everything in PPC is reversible don’t be scared to pause. You can always re-enable things later after you take a deeper dive into the reasons behind it. But since you’re on a schedule, go ahead and pause them for now.

3. Add Negative Keywords

  • Find keywords that are underperforming. They could be keywords with high CPA or that are driving traffic with no conversions.

  • Select all the keywords you want to review, click the “Details” tab, then drop down and click “Selected”.

  • Read down the lists of actual queries. Select all that are not relevant and add them as negative keywords.

WARNING: This can be very time consuming so don’t get sucked in! To save time, sort the columns by clicks, cost, what ever is appropriate to the account, and add the biggest offending queries to the negative keyword list.


4. Ad Testing

  • Go to the ads tab and find your best performing ads.

  • If you have tests running, identify the winner and quickly create a variation of it to continue testing.

  • Find your worst performing ads. Pause them and use the best ads as a guide to quickly create some better ones to replace and test.

5. Promote Best Converting Queries to Keywords

  • Return to your keyword list and sort by conversions.

  • Select the top few converting keywords and run a search query report using the “Details” tab, clicking “Selected”.

  • Sort the report by conversions.

  • Add the first few, best converting searches as keywords.

6. Take Notes

  • That’s it for work in the account! Wrap it up by jotting a few notes on what you observed. Include what you want to work on next time, what needs attention, or questions you need to ask your client.

Do you have any tips on making the most of your time? Share them in a comment below.

Rachel Anderson is a Pay Per Click Advertising Strategist at Off the job she enjoys photography, good food, being outside, and spending time with her husband. Share your thoughts with Rachel on Twitter @gladygirl, Google+ or Facebook- she’d love to hear from you!