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May 3, 2016
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May 6, 2016

How To Find Your Marketing “Word”

Your special…Just like everyone else….

I didn’t want to break this to you, but I might as well be the one, there are probably 100 people doing the exact same or a very similar thing to what your company does for work everyday. So if that is the case what can you do to separate yourself in the sea of noise that we live in? How can you make people reach for, search for and use your product or service? That’s what we’ll be answering in this article.


How to be Different:

Have you ever seen the fourth Indiana Jones? In part of the movie it shows Harrison Ford running through a nuke town, where every house is nearly identical with clone manikins in the street. This is the world of marketing circa 2016.

In the plastic world of undifferentiated keepers of the status quo, you can set yourself apart by, “owning a word in the prospects mind… (and) burn(ing) your way into the mind by narrowing the focus to a single word.” (22 Immutable Laws of Marketing)

There is power in focusing in on just a single word that makes you different than everybody else. Take a second to think about it, what if every time someone thought of _______ (insert your value proposition word here) they thought of you? What would that mean for your brand and business?

I don’t want to answer the question for you, but I’ll give you a hint, it would be,  for all intents and purposes, a MONOPOLY! The advantage of a monopoly is that you what you can charge is not determined by competitors or the market price, you can determine it yourself.

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    Here a just a few people and products that have owned a word:

    You can check out even more in this article from Mental Floss.

    How do I own a word?

    There are at least four steps to owning a word: 1) Choose the word, 2) Focus on the word 3) WWEEWMTEWI , 4) Earn it

    Choose the word:

    •  The best words to own are benefits, (like 10x, growth, empowerment, motivation etc.) think about what you learned from doing the competitive eating-my-words-1540357analysis (if you haven’t read that article yet check it out here) what is your unique benefit in the marketplace? What is a category you can own?

    For example the word I chose is, “results”, it has a definite benefit to it and is something that as a digital marketing agency we have an unfair advantage with compared with people who are attempting to sell a specific service.


    • What does a Kleanex do? Does it massage your feet? Does it tell you funny jokes? No! It is just a box with a tissue that is incredibly soft and allows you to comfortably blow your nose. It does what it does and it does it very well.

    For example: With Netmark focusing on “results” for others and ourselves, that leads to implications with all that we do. That means we cut everything that doesn’t add to that brand image and instead focusing (as we are doing with these blog posts) on things that can get you results.

    Want What Everyone Else Wants More Than Everyone Else Wants It (WWEEWMTEEWI):

    •  You’ll notice that a true leader wants what the people wants, but simply, wants it, does it, cares about it, more than anyone else. Those are the ghandi-1267827_1920type of people we naturally follow, so if you can boil your content down to a word and want to help people accomplish that benefit more than anyone else, then why would they go anywhere else?

    For example: Gandhi wanted what his people wanted, a peaceful transfer of power from Britain to India itself and he wanted it more than anyone else. You become the leader when you become the foremost want-er of an idea, or a word.

    Earn it:

    With all this being said, it takes time, it takes work, it takes grit and it takes tenacity to own a word. Nobody just gives you a word because you declare it’s your word . You’ve got to, as a company or as an individual, become the embodiment of that word.

    For example: Jamilah Corbitt  a branding coach on Periscope, introduces her scopes with the same routine every single time, as she does this she reinforces her word, which is “Branding.”


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