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June 16, 2009
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The Difference Between SEO and PPC

Organic Results vs.
Paid Results


Search Engine Optimization or (SEO) is one of the greatest marketing tactics that you can accomplish for your website. There are many different forms of online marketing and advertising including: SEO, PPC, Data Feed Management, Comparison Shopping Management, Info Graphics, Viral Marketing, and Social Media – just to name a few. Let’s briefly talk about SEO and PPC. I would be a poor guide to this topic if i didn’t begin by stating that a really strong, healthy online marketing plan utilizes both SEO and PPC. A smart maketing mix is the best choice but from here on we are comparing the pros and cons of each.


What are my Internet business goals?

So, you may be asking yourself “Which one is best for me?” This is not a simple question because there are many different forms of advertising to help you achieve specific goals.

Start by asking yourself “What is the goal of my website?” Are you trying to sell something? Is it a product or service? “How much do I have to sell before I start to fall behind?” How many people are in need for your product or service?

These questions are ultimately the beginning stages of where you will start to determine which form of internet marketing will be right for you. For instance if you need a way to make a quick sale and are not looking to spend money for the long haul, your best bet would be to run some form of PPC or pay-per-click. The reasons you might decide on doing pay-per-click is that you have a very short window of time to make sales before the product or service you are offering is no longer wanted or needed. For example: selling fireworks for the 4th of July. If you want a more in depth understanding of PPC and how it works check out our main PPC page.


A fast turnaround or building momentum over time?


Last winter, I spoke with a gentleman that was selling rooms for the super bowl. He decided against SEO for his website because it would take longer to see the benefit of SEO. His website would need to gain a lot of strength in the search engines to be able to make him profitable in such a short window of time. On the other hand, I have spoken to web designers that have been in business for years that really wanted to get their business up and going with online advertising. Online advertising which would continue to bring in perspective clients for years to come, and their best bet for the long haul is to do SEO. We won’t go too deep into what SEO is here but if you want to go deep check out our main SEO page.

Here is one of the biggest differences that you need to understand between SEO and PPC. PPC is great if you have a large marketing budget and you need to make sales quickly. Keep in mind that you will pay for every instance that someone clicks on your ad, and that could potentially be thousands!

SEO on the other hand gets you up to the top of the search engines naturally, and it takes much longer. The main difference though is if you get 5 clicks or 50,000 it does not cost you any more or any less, which can help you in your business efforts for your website for years to come.

Regardless of what form of marketing you choose to do, you still need to market your website. If you have a really awesome and professional website, but no one can find you because you are on page 500 of the search engines it does you no good. Remember there are two pieces to the marketing puzzle. A professional looking website, and the marketing for it.