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August 28, 2013
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Why Social Media Marketing should be like “Dungeons & Dragons”

One might look at this title, laugh, and totally disregard what this might have to offer. Well I’m here to tell you that “Dungeons & Dragons” or “D&D” is a great blueprint on how to run your social media marketing.

Consider yourself the Dungeon Master (DM), the one who starts gathering all the materials to have a great time spending it with friends, playing a game you all love. You start setting up and aren’t worried about how the night will go. Why? Because you have prepared a great storyline and many different variations of it, depending on the decisions your companions make. While setting up, you have also created the perfect mood and atmosphere for the players to enter.

As a DM, you are the master of several traits, traits which are also very important for a Social Media Manager and Community Manager. Here is what you need to become the Master of:


Master Story Teller

How is this not like being a Social Media Manager or Community Manager? A DM puts forth hours of prep time before the game play actually begins. He or she comes up with and creates a great story for the other characters to become entranced. The DM also plans variations of the story depending on what’s decided by the other characters.

As a Manager of Social Media you have to do these same things. You need to create content (story) that is so compelling your followers will want to be involved in your story and then have contingency plans for the comments and directions your followers and customers decide to take.

Master Improviser

You need to be able to improvise. DMs can and are able to throw new aspects of the story at you that even they didn’t have planned. They know the game and players so well that they are master improvisers. They know how to keep up interest and how to keep the party engaged. They will throw a monster at a player, or have someone stumble across a secret door, or create a hidden stash of treasure to find. They understand what the group needs, and when and how to give it to them.

Do you understand your followers’ and customers’ needs and how to give it to them? Do you know if your followers need to see a picture, or a video? Are you able to improvise your story to be able to keep your audience engaged?

Master of Social

You may not believe or realize it, but “D&D” is a very social game. In almost every circumstance, you have to make the effort to meet up at a certain place and time to play. You gather the necessary materials and meet, knowing you are going to have a great time with friends, and they know what to expect.

Do people know what to expect from you? Step into the seat of a DM and give the people want they want. Guide and direct them through your story, help them help you as you discuss what the next steps are in the telling the story. Interacting with your audience will help you understand the needed steps to take to make your story unforgettable.

Master of Fun

After all has been said and done, the DM is the key to a gaming group’s enjoyment which is exactly what we want out of our social media. We should be having fun! The DM understands that if the group is not having fun, everyone suffers. No matter how great everything else is, if your followers aren’t having a good time with you, they will find another group and DM to run their campaign.

So are you ready to become the Dungeon Master of your company, mastering all the needed traits to be a little more successful in your Social Media Marketing?


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