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Archive for April, 2009

SEO/SEM Reseller Opportunities

***Attention all Web Designers and Marketing Firms***

Netmark Essentials is now offering the opportunity for all web designers, traditional marketers, advertising agencies, and even other SEM/SEO companies to resell our quality SEM services. We have made this possible for those that would like us to white-label campaigns in their behalf, and also for those that would just like to refer business to us and collect paychecks. By forming a partnership with our firm, we will provide you with a packet of all the information you will need to sell our services, including how to price our services, case studies, and the requisite SEO training. We also provide you with unlimited phone support from our sales professionals located at our corporate office.

So what's in it for you? Why become a Netmark Essentials reseller?

We'll tell you why:

Netmark Essentials has dedicated its entire marketing budget to you. No radio, no billboards, no magazine ads, just you. We have already taken the necessary steps so that we can afford to pay our resellers 10% of all revenue generated from business brought to our firm. Ten percent is more money than many SEM companies make doing the work themselves. It's a substantial amount of money. So what are you waiting for? Give your clients world-class SEM services and create a new stream of income you previously didn't have. Sign-up today!

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Recent Discussion with

Our firm is definitely not the all knowing, super SEO firm, get your rankings up in a heartbeat anytime for any keyword firm. Netmark Essentials does, however, perform like one. Like many of the better known search engine marketing firms out there – we are involved in the SEO community – frequently. We like to take the time to pick the brains of some of the smarter and most innovative minds in the SEO world. Because of the fact that we share experiences and results, as well as learn from mistakes of other firms and glean information from them – we feel that we stay much more abreast of the latest strategies in the SEO technical world.

super SEO firm

Often we have some great correspondence with some of the more well known SEO firms out there. Lately we've had some questions from some of our excellent clients who want to know more about the domain and how it can affect SEO. Below is a part of a conversation we had with SEOmoz lately.

Netmark: I have a two part 301 redirecting question. If we have a website with existing rankings, and want to change the domain name. I know that 301 redirecting to the new domain we will pass some of the link juice to the new domain, but will it be able to preserve the existing ranking for the original domain? SECOND: Is there any benefit to purchasing some domains just for the anchor text, then immediately 301 redirecting it to another site? For example… Say I want to rank #1 for the keyword "Idaho Falls Dentist", if I just buy the domain, then immediately redirect it to my other domain, is it possible that I can start tanking for Idaho Falls Dentist just from the redirect?

SEOmoz: The 301 won't exactly "preserve" the existing ranking from the original domain, but it will help the rankings of the new domain. For example… If domain #1 ranked in the 3rd position for "red widgets", 301 redirecting that domain to domain #2 doesn't necessarily mean that domain #2 will now rank for "red widgets" in place of domain #1. You should get somewhat of a boost due to the links that were pointing to domain #1 now being redirected to domain #2.

Secondly, purchasing a domain with keywords in the URL and redirecting to your existing domain will help boost the existing domain's rankings – if- keyword-rich links were pointing to the original domain. For example… If had links pointing to it with "idaho falls dentist" as the anchor text and these links all now point to, the site should improve its ranking for "Idaho Falls Dentist" based on those links and their anchor text. If, however, you register a brand new domain and immediately point it to your existing domain, there will be little to no benefite without any links pointing to the new domain (for discover-ability). You may get some traffic from people who happen to randomly type in "", but if there were no links pointing to the domain that transfer to the new domain, any benefit that you'll receive is minimal at best.

Netmark: Thanks for your response. Just to clarify… What if I buy a new domain, for example…, and point it to the main website, then start building keyword-rich links (Idaho Falls Dentist) to, would eventually rank, or is it still pointless without links prior to the domain purchase/redirect?

SEOmoz: Your new domain will reap the benefits of any links you build to I don't think you can get the domain to rank since there was never any unique pages on that domain to spider or index. Your links built for will count for the domain the redirecting is pointing to.

You can expect to see more of these discussions in the future. We don't mind showing our questions and the answers. This is an area of our website that we hope people can learn and try things out on their own. If you need some help in the SEO world – we are always just an email or phone call away. Contact us for any questions you may have – we are happy to help.

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Are you Struggling with Your Rank in the Search Engines?

Search engines were used daily by approximately 1,596 million people in the United States in March 2009 alone. This enormous amount of people searching the internet on a day to day basis has made it possible for even the small business person to reach consumers all around the nation. The problem most companies find is that their site is either buried on page 10 (or further) of Google or is not even picked up by the search engine crawlers at all. The goal then, is for a business or other type of website to move up their page rank in the search engines. To get the best exposure and selection by internet users, your website needs to be with in the first three pages of search engine results, or the top 30 entries. The further back your page is, the less likely your site will be clicked on and vise versa the higher in page rank and position on page 1, the more visits your website will receive.

There are many factors that will help you achieve better rankings. Simply put, you will need to have content that is relevant to the keywords users are searching to find you, and search engine optimization will help you to accomplish this. There is no doubt about it, if you can find yourself ranking in the search engines in the top 3 pages you are going to have more traffic. More traffic is what we all want right? The more people you can appeal to the better chance you have at getting new customers.

Netmark Essentials is a top SEO firm in Idaho that can get you those top rankings in the search engines, provides the world class internet marketing services that are second to none. Our SEO consultants and technicians provide keyword research and monitor your targeted keywords regularly. They communicate frequently and work closely with you to make certain that your website is updated with new content regularly, provide link building, and more. Our expertise brings our client’s website to the top of the search engines which in turn drives more traffic to their site. Email us, or give us a call if you would like to know more about how to rank higher in the major search engines.

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Form + Function: The Art of SEO Website Design

Is your “beautiful” and “highly designed” site getting in the way of getting visitors from the search engines? So many people are choosing aesthetics and the techniques used to achieve that “perfect look” over building a site that is optimal for search engine optimization techniques. In the end, they’ll just have a great looking site with no visitors.

This is where that art of good SEO website design comes in. I have to confess I am more of a right-brain thinker and definitely have more design skills than number-crunching abilities. I appreciate a great looking site more than most. However, many people don’t realize there is a way to design a great looking site yet still allow for good indexing by search engines.

Here are a few tips to start with:

Use the full potential of CSS. CSS has come a long way in the past few years. Remember when we would create page titles using our favorite font in Photoshop? With the power of CSS you can make your <h1> titles look just as good and allow for easy indexing by search engines.

Clean and Concise Layout Code. The days of sites riddled with never ending scripting codes, tables for structure, and images are over. Using the power of stylesheets, you can create clean, concise code where you can place the most important items – the page content – near the top and everything else following it no matter the layout.

Make Content Accessible. I’ve long believed that “just because you can doesn’t mean you should” when it comes to web design. I do believe, for example, some spots of FLASH can be compelling and useful in a site. Unfortunately search engines can’t reach a lot of content that is contained inside a FLASH movie. There are a few options out there such as SWF Object where you can put an alternate text version of the content underneath the movie so search engines can index it.

Intelligent Templates. I can’t begin to tell you how many times templates have stood in the way of great SEO techniques in a web site. Using a template with global titles, meta tags, etc. will surely not help you. If using templates, make sure you modify them to allow customization of title, meta, and other relevant tags for each individual page. Google will penalize you for duplicate title tags and meta descriptions.

Building a great looking site that is also structured in a way that allows for search engine optimization creates a situation where everyone wins which will, in turn, translate into more customers and better conversion rates.


Why Social Media Marketing?

When it comes to being found online, Social Media Marketing is a "must have" in your toolbox on online marketing tools. Social media is a wonderful tool allowing you to connect with other people, promoting you, your site, and services you offer. Who knows your business and what you do better than yourself, and there are a multitude of online media platforms allowing you to share that with others.

Social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIN are not substitutes for a solid and informative website, but a complementary set of online resources assisting with branding you, the services you offer, and referring people back to your website. Social media marketing rarely leads to instant conversions or sales; consider that you are planting seeds that you will be able to harvest in the future. The information you share online should allow people to understand who you are and what you do so that when the time comes that the service you offer is needed, you and your business will be at the top of their mind and among the first they contact.

Social media marketing does take time and effort, and because it is unlike all other traditional marketing, it requires a completely different mindset for it to be successful. Traditional marketing involves a lot of dominating, pushing, loud “me, me, me” tactics, whereas Social media marketing is merely just connecting with others, sharing information as an authoritative speaker, creating relationships of mutual benefit, and word of mouth among other things. It is a process of long informative and authoritative details branding your services and your company.

Among the numerous social media platforms available, knowing which to choose and spend time and resources on may be a challenge. Each social media service has its strengths and depending on what type of services you offer, there will be different ways to participate and limitless opportunities to make an online presence and contribute. Results of a successful social media strategy will provide you attention, links, and large masses of traffic.

Facebook, Twitter, hi5, MySpace, LinkedIN, YouTube…If you are puzzled where to start and how social media marketing may benefit you and your organization, feel free to give us a call. In addition to SEO and our other online marketing services, Netmark Essentials prides themselves as being knowledgeable social media marketing consultants, and has successfully helped many of their clients to establish a successful online presence in a wide variety of social media channels, and we would like to assist in your online success as well.  Just ask us about it!

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SEO Experts – how to catch them, and what to do once you have

SEO Experts are often thought to be a rare and elusive breed. If you were to go hunting in the tangled vines of a data center or scuba diving to the transatlantic undersea fiber optic cables, it is possible that you might happen to find one or two hapless SEO Experts, floundering in the deep. The real truth though, is that better than any SEO expert, is a regular person who knows what they are talking about.

What I mean is this, an SEO Expert will have a few tricks up his sleeve, and will also understand the nuts and bolts of how to make your web page show up on the major search engines. He or she will be able to direct visitors into your site, but unless your site has something of value, the SEO Expert will never be able to truly succeed. A simple measure of success is often the number of visitors to a site, the SEO Expert knows though, that unless those visitors find something of value, like information, they will never return. All the work the SEO expert has done, will be of no real value.

So what then is the website owner to do? If the SEO expert, can't fix everything, who possibly can. After all you had to go diving, or at very least, web surfing, to find the guy in the first place. The answer is simple, often repeated, well known, and yet so easily ignored. Generate good content. Content that compels, informs, educates, amuses, entertains, or helps the web site visitor.

People are searching for something, that is why they use search engines, and if you can understand and deliver what they are searching for you will become more valuable, more useful, more relevant, and much easier to find, than any SEO Expert.

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Top of Google with Image Search

Getting to the top of Google can be a daunting experience for any web site. Google, along with other major search engines offer “image search”. I am a firm believer that a photograph or image is worth a thousand words, now even more so with Google''''s Universal Search. You can find the “image search” link on the top of Google’s main page, or any search results page. Even better, Google has been including images within the normal search results, testing their new universal search approach.

The universal search may include images, videos, blogs, and other types of media. A year ago, when searching for “tree”, you would see nothing but web page results show up in the search engine results page (SERP). Now, with the new universal search approach, Google now includes results for images. The image results, contained within the text SERPs, are usually well-placed towards the top of the SERPs.

What’s all this mean? Optimize your images on your main pages, landing pages, and just about every type of page within your web site or blog. Images can be modified various ways to help them show up within the SERPs, both image SERPs and normal web SERPs. By optimizing images correctly, you’ll be able to gain more traffic by having people click on your photo or image since it’s now in front of their face on the top of Google’s search results. Everyone likes a good picture to look at instead of just text, text, text…

Top of Google with Images and Supporting Text

A few things that help when optimizing your images to and get top Google rankings with images is within the code. Use the “alt” tag to your advantage, naming it similar to the image file name, which in turn should be named to describe the image. Many people leave out the “alt” tag in their code and name images something like “img2004.jpg”, even though the image is of a tree (using tree as an example). A better approach would be similar to: <img src=”tall-pine-tree.jpg” alt=”Tall Pine Tree”>

Supporting text is important with image search. You’ll want to add keyword rich content on both sides of the image, similar to building link pages with quite a few links. Instead of just having an image on the page with proper tags, go ahead and insert supporting text before and after the image you’re optimizing. This will also help Google classify your image per your needs and it’s just another way to get to the top of Google!

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